Showtime 07/12

Showtime – Vol.6

Dancehall & Reggae & Hip Hop & More:

Fenshi Sound (Lampertheim)
Sting Like A Bee Sound (Heidelberg, Pforzheim, Stuttgart)

Dancehall Reggae & Lover’s Rock
July 14th, Rude 7, Mannheim – It’s SHOWTIME!!!

SHOWTIME GOES SUMMERTIME – Forget about summer breaks, showtime keeps going all year round.
The july edition of Sting like a bee’s renown party series could well be titled summertime. With other sounds taking summer breaks, we accelerate. Think about it, what would fit a hot summer night better than a load of reggae, dancehall and hip hop music?
This time around we’re happy to feature one of the area’s most promising local heroes: Fenshi Sound. As usual, Rude 7 is the spot to be, comes July 14 it’s SHOWTIME!

Fenshi Sound
Sting Like A Bee Sound


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