Showtime 11/12

Showtime – Vol.8 

Dancehall & Reggae & Hip Hop & More:

Keep It Real Crew (Stuttgart)
Sting Like A Bee Sound (Heidelberg, Pforzheim, Stuttgart)

November 17th, Rude 7, Mannheim – It’s SHOWTIME!!!
Doors open 11:00 p.m.

“Nice to nice to know ya lets do it again!” – you hear the people’s voices echo. Why? Obviously, Sting like a bee’s SHOWTIME is back in town for it’s eighth
edition! The real reason we chose this line though is because it’s been our november guests’ trademark for quite a while. All the way from europe’s self-
proclaimed dancehall capital Stuttgart, we’re proud to present to you and yours: the KEEP IT REAL CREW! The six member strong collective has created quite a
buzz in german dancehalls ever s
ince their founding in 2008. Not only is KEEP IT REAL’s Friday Vibes Party one of the monthly highlights in Stuttgart, they
also promote their own annual Keep it real Jam Festival!!! So rest assured, A1 Dancehall Entertainment is coming home to Rude 7, Mannheim on November 17 – or as
we would put it – IT’S SHOWTIME! Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop & more!

P.S. Admission before midnight: ONLY 4€!

Keep It Real Crew
Sting Like A Bee Sound
Club Rude 7
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