Early B Shirt

“Me call it rice and peas, escovich fish
To eat it every Sunday is me favorite wish
Say see me Sunday morning when me go a market
Me buy two pound of the red snapper fish” 

Small excerpt of the song “sunday dish.” Earlando Arrington Neil, better known by his stage name Early B was an early dancehall and reggae deejay whose lyrics had a cultural bent. He recorded several albums during the mid-80s, which remain well-circulated in the digital age today. The fresh comic print on the front is inspired by the art of Wilfred Limonious, a graphic artist of the ’80s and early ’90s who was responsible for designing over 150 dancehall/reggae album covers and is considered one of the key architects of genre’s aesthetic. Unfortunately it’s another tribute shirt because Early B was shot to death in 1994.


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