Showtime 03/13

Showtime – Vol.9

Dancehall & Reggae & Hip Hop & More:

Mango Tree Sound (Nürnberg)
Sting Like A Bee Sound (Heidelberg, Pforzheim, Stuttgart)

March 16th, Rude 7, Mannheim – It’s SHOWTIME!!!
Doors open 11:00 p.m.

Hey there, it’s been a while, but guess what? Sting like a bee’s SHOWTIME is back in town! Still bringing you the best in dancehall, reggae and hip hop entertainment. Still serving you with guaranteed fresh party vibes, bar specials and most importantly hot juggling sounds. Speaking of hot juggling, MANGO TREE a.k.a the franconian ruler will be in the building for Showtime #9. Even tho the nuremberg based, long time brandmark dancehall machine needs no further introduction, we’ll give you one anyway: party monsters, soundclash champions, mixtape specialists… nuff said. Long story short: Showtime #9, Saturday March 16 @ Rude 7 Club Mannheim, Sting like a bee & Mango Tree in full effect. Only 4 euro admission before midnight! IT’S SHOWTIME!

Mango Tree Sound
Sting Like A Bee Sound
Club Rude 7
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