Showtime 02/12

Showtime – Vol.3

Reggae & Dancehall & Hip Hop & More:
Sting Like A Bee Sound (Heidelberg, Pforzheim, Stuttgart)
Mortal Kombat Sound (Regensburg)

Saturday, February 18th, 2012 Showtime returns with a blast . 2011 marked the start for the now well known and popular series, 2012 you’ll witness bigger things. For starters, the february edition at Rude 7 will feature Regensburg’s Partymachine MORTAL KOMBAT. Real dancehall fans can’t forget their countless appearances at festivals and dances thruout Europe. However, all of you will remember the name after they & your host Sting like a bee mash up Showtime once again. With the best in Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop & more and a load of specials at the bar Showtime is a GO! Tell a friend to tell a friend.. 

Saturday February 18th…IT’S SHOWTIME!

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Sting Like A Bee Sound
Mortal Kombat Sound


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